My kids go to a pretty magical school. It's not for everybody, but fits my dear, feral children perfectly. At Habibi's Hutch painting is a big part of the curriculum - mostly painting each other, but that's how we roll anyway, and I'm quite happy with it. I dropped my kids off last week, showed a picture of the Austin Mini Maker Faire T-Rex mural, and asked Andrew if he wanted it. "Oh yeah! We'd love that." Bam! And there it was. Right at home.

Sadly, this past weekend's rainstorm led to T-Rex's quick demise and he is no longer with us. I didn't even get a picture to show you. But, I have promised Habibi's a new mural, and this time it will be painted onto a more permanent wall which can withstand the Texas weather. T-Rex will live again!

I know that a T-Rex in downtown Austin with a UFO and a few grackles may not be the ideal mural for every school, but it fits Habibi's perfectly. It's important for things to fit. I want to keep making things that fit, and I'm always looking for places to make them.

Do you have kids in school or daycare? Could they use a mural that perfectly fits the personality of the place? Let them know about me. Share this post. I love to work with groups of teachers or kids from design to implementation. Let's keep making art together.