We have some old, dingy Ikea furniture in our bedroom that is starting to feel sad. I generally wait until something is completely nonfunctional to replace it. Until then I come up with wonderful and creative ideas to revive the piece, talk about my ideas, think on them, forget about them for awhile, come up with other ideas, talk about those, add the projects to my to-do list, and generally procrastinate until that piece of furniture actually does fall apart. 

Early last month I needed to fill space in a 10 by 10 foot booth for an expo, so I was finally motivated (by necessity) to actually tackle one of my projects.  I took my old, dingy Ikea chair and nightstand, jumped on the hipster bandwagon, and put a bird on it. Pretty cute, right?

But then my husband started to whine a bit, because his old, dingy Ikea chair and nightstand were still sad. "Paint mine, too! But something manly." So that has been on my project to-do list for about two months now. It's amazing how easily I can avoid my own projects. I'm completely on top of projects for other people, but just can't get around to my own. Ever. No really. You should see my list.

Well, my husband finally offered to pay me to just do it already. I only charged him $20 bucks, but it was done by the end of the weekend. What do you think? Manly enough?