I've never been one to keep a journal. Well, except for the college travel journal that I found the other day from when I was going through my "writer" phase which of course immediately followed my "photographer" phase. These aren't unnecessary quotation marks, I'm sorry to say. I was terrible at both but thought that I was quite edgy and uniquely creative. I wonder if college students go through those phases today. Blogging and instagram have made constant writers and photographers out of everyone, so maybe the artist phases of the past have now just become life as usual. But I digress...

Journaling... it's never been my thing. I didn't have a diary as a kid and I only kept art journals when they were class requirements. I love the idea and am a collector of journals and sketch books like so many 

closet creatives

. So, I am giving myself a summer challenge. I bought (yet another) fresh sketch book - my NEW! 

Journal of Artistic Things and Day to Day Banality

. I will write, sketch, doodle or paint in it EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes in hopes to improve my artistic chops and capture a bit of life by and by. I hope to share anything good in (semi) regular posts. Think I can stick to it this time? I really hope so.