I'm running away for the summer. I'm packing up my kids and bathing suits and heading up north, away from the heat, for all of July and August. 

Since I'm haven't been trying to book summer mural painting jobs, I've freed up some extra time  on weekends and afternoons to tackle some of my own home design projects.  I thought I'd share some of my efforts in one easy post. Check out what I've been getting up to and let me know what you think!

I started the month with hand painting a number of pieces of furniture including a fabric chair and side table and four plastic kitchen chairs. (I started working on redoing an old wooden coffee table, but it got too hot, so I'll finish that later). After two weeks on furniture, I figured I needed a few more kid-friendly mural elements in my house because , well, why not? I have wall space. I painted a frame wall for the kid's artwork (well, "artwork") in the playroom. Then I decided that the boys needed a bear in their room. Obviously.

What do you think?