It's the time of the year when I run away. I'm packing up the car with two rambunctious little boys and a giant thermos of coffee and starting a four day drive up to Michigan to escape the Texas heat for the next six weeks. It seems a bit crazy for me to take such a long vacation when things are getting so busy. (I've had six mural jobs and launched a new business in the last three months and I have four more big mural jobs waiting on me and lots of new furniture and home goods to paint and sell when I return.) But, the freedom to spend time with my little beasts through the summer months was a huge motivator for me to start this little enterprise. So, here I go. I'll pack my brushes and paint cabin walls and lake house furniture when I can. But, I'll mostly sail, kayak, ride bikes and play on the beach with my wonderful family. I'll see you when I'm back, folks. Happy summer.