I sort of fell into this endeavor.  The idea came to me three years ago when I painted my son's room. I was pretty proud of it and got a lot of love from the friends and co-workers I showed it off to. How could you not appreciate a room that makes this cute little guy so happy?

But, I was still working full time, and it took another two and a half years, another baby and a few more mural projects in my own home to encourage me to give this a go as a business endeavor. That and a major identity crises that came along with my entrance into stay-at-home motherhood.

Having "mom" as my sole identifier was terrifying. According to Pinterest and the plethora of mommy blogs out there, I am an epic failure. I don't have quiet time activity kits. My attempts and making zucchini tots and broccoli bites are a mess. I don't have any interesting uses for cut up pool noodles or cornstarch. When people ask what I do, I hate saying "I'm a stay-at-home mom" because I don't even feel like I'm great at it.

So I've taken a leap. Here I am with my own little startup business, hoping to bring some color into others' spaces. I'm still trying on new identifiers - artist, designer, painter. But when someone asks me what I do, the greater truth is that I build forts, I do laundry, I cuddle, I paint, I create and I just try to have a hell of a good time.