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Simply explain what you want to express with this mural/piece of art. What is the one thing you want your audience to know?
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Will this mural have a specific theme? Nature? Food? Austin? Science? Music? Etc?
Is there a specific style you'd like to see? Line art? Abstract? Repeating patterns? Color blocking? Please fee free to reference any Avery O mural/illustration work or other work you have seen.
Is there a specific color palette/direction you would like to use? Full vibrant color? Black and white with pops of color? Bright? Muted tones? Pastels? Nature hues? Company colors?
How would you describe the personality of your business or space? Fun and upbeat? Professional? Calm? Weird? Fast-paced? Modern? Clean? Playful?
List any business names or taglines, words or phrases, logos and/or design elements that MUST be included in the mural design
Please kist any other brainstorming ideas that COULD be but do not need to be included in the mural
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