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Happy Birthday, Avery O Design!

It's been one year since I officially started my business, Avery O Design. Still so young, but slowly growing! It's time to list my first year accomplishments and give myself a little happy birthday feel good moment:

  1. I've completed nine murals for clients, with two more commissioned pieces being painted in the next month. 
  2. I've completed three mural pieces in my own home. 
  3. I've begun playfully and experimentally painting furniture.
  4. I've led a community mural project at the Austin Mini Maker Faire.
  5. I've built two websites.
  6. I've learned marketing via social networking and I've kinda gotten into this whole blogging thing.

Huh! Okay, not a bad start looking back at it. In fact, I'm pretty proud of all that I've accomplished, especially since it's been done with two wild toddlers around most of my days. 

So, what's a birthday without presents? No, no. Not for me, silly. A present for you! Well, a present for ONE of you. I just finished painting this nightstand/sidetable, and am giving it away to say thanks for all of the love and support in my first year of business.

Interested? GIve Avery O Design a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or wherever you socially network and leave me a comment with any suggestions for my next furniture project. A lucky one of you will get a birthday present from me! Oh, I do love birthdays!

Much love and thanks, Avery O


1 Comment