Oh, dear! Christmas is here. Well, not really, but Retail World reminds us that it is quickly approaching. This is the first time I have ever had to think about the holiday season from a sales point-of-view, and I'm both excited and overwhelmed by the potential. And wildly unprepared. It's okay, it's okay. Baby steps. First, what's my plan? Okay, here goes. I'm formulating a plan.

  1. Produce inventory to sell. Oh, yay! My favorite part. I've been asked to sell some of my furniture pieces at Toybrary's Toy Swap and Christmas shopping event on December 7th. How lovely! I'll primarily be painting kid-friendly small dressers and step stools since the audience will be parents with young children. Come shop!
  2. Offer holiday specials. Well, obviously. Awesome specials? Let's do it. 
  3. Promote like crazy. Dear Facebook and Twitter, you may be hearing a lot from me over the next few weeks. Let's get chummy.
  4. Set my limits. Ahh. Here's where is get's interesting. There are six weekends before Christmas (remember, this is when I get most of my work done due to the feral children at home with me). One will be filled with family Thanksgiving; one will be spent on the road; two will be filled with already commissioned murals. So, two weekends left open for painting new things.... Yep, got it! No problem.

Okay, okay. Enough of my interior monologue. Let's get to the good stuff.

Holiday Orders

I'm really getting into painting and staining furniture, and lucky for you, custom furnishings really do make fantastic holiday gifts. If you or anyone you know is looking for painted coffee table, side tables, night stands, dressers or step stools as gifts, let me know ASAP! You must get your order in before Thanksgiving to guarantee a finished piece by Christmas, and once my job sheet fills up (see number 4 above) only holiday gift certificates will be available (but those will at least be hand painted too so that you can give something pretty). Gift certificates are also available for mural work, for all work will be completed in the new year.

Holiday Specials!

Here are the fantastic custom painting deals I am offering for this most festive of seasons:

  • A limited number of half-priced mural gift certificates - you pick the price and I'll paint twice the mural
  • $75 for large painted furniture (dressers and large coffee tables)*
  • $50 for medium painted furniture (nightstands and side tables)*
  • $25 for painted step stools*

*You can either provide furniture to be painted or choose wooden step stools or a piece from the IKEA  Tarva series (added to the total cost, obviously). I'll even make the trip to IKEA and put the furniture together for you! I mean, that alone totally worth the price, right?

Ooooh! This will be fun. Let's do business. Get in touch today

Merry merry, Avery